Getting Started Coworking Camp

April 1-30, 2019

Aachen, Germany

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Whether you’re working on a niche online shop for sustainable yoga mats or developing the next Uber to disrupt the world of transportation, this is a space – quiet and meaningful – to set up and get started

April 1-30, 2019

Aachen, Germany

15 people

Starting a businesses

The Getting Started Coworking Camp brings together people who are opening new chapters in their lives, taking turns towards more self-determination in their professional becoming, and testing the waters of location-independent work.

The Experience


Spend some quality time with yourself and map out exactly where you want to go – as a person, but also as a professional. Dare challenge yourself to new lengths and unlock potentials that are drowned by the noise of everyday affairs to pursue your plan of location-independent work! You’ve got it in you!


Trying something new sometimes means running into dead ends. To rearrange the building blocks of your ideas and shift perspective, we will stand by your side with creative thinking techniques from Scandinavian design thinking frameworks. Let’s open your challenges to the collective and share some skills!


Moving forward and growing works best when extending and maintaining a strong network of driven individuals who understand your challenges and opportunities. The camp is a space for you to reach out to people on similar journeys and share the stories of your doubts and fears. We got you!


Making changes, especially to something as fundamental as a personal working arrangement, can be an isolating experience. Long days at the computer, and complete commitment to one aspect of the own life mean less time with family and friends. Thankfully, you’re not alone! We’ve got a coworking space full of hardworking people!

If you’re rebooting your career to join the world of location-independent work, if you need a getaway to finally write that business plan, or if you’ve already started pursuing either and feel the urge to dedicate time and headspace to your idea, come join us at our four-week Getting Started Coworking Camp!

Early Bird Ticket available at 890 Euros per person until February 15, 2019
Regular ticket available at 950 Euros per person

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The Package

Accommodation (29 nights) in double room in Aachen’s city center
24/7 access to our partnering coworking space (30 days)
Single room available at a premium of 250 Euros per person
Selected workshops with external coaches
Workshop space for internal skill-share sessions
Assistance with design thinking techniques for problem solving and shifts in perspective
Weekly goal-setting meetings with accountability partnerships
Time and space to think and return to yourself

The Coliving Space

Unpack your bags and make yourself at home at the preStep coliving space in the heart of Aachen! Located right across the city’s main train station it’s easy to reach and a good place to venture out to Belgium and the Netherlands from – being only a few kilometers away from both borders. Modern double rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a shared kitchen and an international bunch of people are just the right environment for a fresh start.

The Coworking Space

When productivity kicks in you want to be in a space that facilitates thinking and ambition. The digitalHUB in Aachen is just that! The repurposed catholic church from 1905 is now home to a bunch of tech-savvy individuals and many local startups with an overarching aim of digitalizing small and medium enterprises in the area. The community spirit is one of a kind and occasional beer yoga sessions and movie nights make this coworking space extra special!

Mindfulness Coworking Retreat September 2018

Because we love meeting a learning from incredible people like you, we’ve hosted a coworking retreat before! In September 2018, thirteen digital natives and nomads – amongst them photographers and writers, chefs and yoga instructors, online agents and advertising specialists – met to spend a month of mindfulness and coworking together. See visual impressions of our month-to-remember below and follow this link [] to one of our participants reflections on the time we spent together in Aachen. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around how much we ac-complished as a group and moved forward in our professional becoming. Shoutout to you, guys!

[Video, Download: here]


(Travel Writer/Author and Editor, UK) says:

“What I loved most about this retreat is that the collective drive and energy of the group really motivated me in my work. I was surrounded by passionate people working passionately on their projects and felt thoroughly inspired to do the same. I was more productive in those 30 days than I had been all year. I also met some incredible people who inspired me to no end.“

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(Customer Service Specialist and Virtual Assistant, Spain) says:

“This retreat has encouraged me to finally pursue a personal life project and given me strength, power and new skills to achieve my new goals. I can say I am fully energised and have implemented new habits in my life style to take care of myself such as practice regularly yoga, meditation and gratitude.“

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(Copywriter/Translator and Virtual Assistant, Germany) says:

“We’ve learned far more from each other than we could ever hope to learn alone, and I’ve grown more in both my personal life and my business than I expected. I have new goals for both my personal life and my business that I hadn’t even conceived before joining this retreat, and I’ve gained the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try many new things.“

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(Yoga Teacher and Online Meditation Coach, Belgium) says:

“For 4 weeks, I’ve been surrounded by positive, warm-hearted people. All of us have connected with one an other, sharing our skills and passion in workshops and day to day. I felt supported and inspired by every single person on this retreat! This safe environment allowed me to grow as a yoga teacher and meditation coach, but also as a businesswoman and as a person. I’ve gained so much more clarity about who I am, what matters to me and what I am selling.“

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