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student accommodation

No matter whether you are studying at RWTH Aachen, FH Aachen – University of Applied Sciences, or Sprachenakademie, coming for a new start or an internship: with us you will find the accommodation that fits you best.

Our student rooms are located in and around Aachen, where you can choose to live alone, in a double room, or in a shared flat. All rooms are furnished and rented from the first of each month.

Make yourself at home.


If you prefer to make your arrival as stress free and flexible as possible, our Boarding House allows you to get yourself settled immediately without the hassle of long-term commitments. It is perfect for people who only want to stay for a short time, and also for those with longer term plans, but who would like to take a little time to get to know the city before signing long binding agreements.

Centrally located, the rooms are in a traditional nineteenth century townhouse, and are designed for singles, couples, and groups of up to five persons per room.

With such a simple arrangement, you will be free to start your Aachen adventure in an easy-going way.

group accommodation

For organized groups, such as school parties, university outings, and club trips, Aachen has a lot to offer, culturally, historically, and scientifically.

Situated one minute from Aachen main train station, our Boarding House is located within walking distance of the city centre. Whether you only need a place to sleep while you attend a weekend seminar or your plans are for several months, we can offer economical accommodation, with a capacity for large groups.










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