Love is in the air…colorful trees in Aachen: MAIBÄUME

Every year at the  1st of May you will find the streets of Aachen and the cities around decorated with beautiful colorful trees.


Red, blue, orange, yellow, green ribbons, ribbons of all colors dangling from the branches of the traditional birch trees.


It is one of my favorite traditions of the year: the tradition of putting a colorful tree in front of the house of the one that you love or have a crush on.


What Valentine’s Day is for the others – the first of May is for the Aacheners.


Normally the boys are the ones to cut down a tree, decorate it with paper ribbons and put it up in front of the house of the girl that they have a crush on. In leap years like, 2016, it is the girls who have the task to put a decorated tree in front of the house of the one that they love.


Besides this there are always big dances – “Maibälle” where a queen gets crowned – the “Maikönigin”. Most of the traditions are strongest in smaller towns and villages around Aachen.


So, when you see a few beautiful decorated trees in the streets in the next weeks, think that each tree stands for a loved one!


Love is in the air…❤️

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