Lousberg – Aachen with a view from the hammock

Lousberg – Aachen with a view from the hammock

Die Hängematten befinden sich auf der [i]Lousbergtrasse[/i] an der Nordseite des Lousbergs und sind Teil des Euregionale-Pojekts „Weißer Weg”. Von der Stelle aus hat man einen weiten Blick über die [link:Soers]Soers[/link] nach Norden.

Viewing Aachen from above is nice. Viewing Aachen from above during sundown is nicer. You can top this off with a view of Aachen at sundown in a hammock!

A hammock you ask? In Aachen?


On Lousberg there are hammocks installed which can be used to hang around, alone or with friends to relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

Besides, do you know the history of Lousberg?

Once upon a time in Aachen

When building the Aachen cathedral the Aacheners tricked the devil into lending them some money (a story we have to tell you next time). The devil wanted revenge and wanted to bury the cathedral under tons of sand. He filled his bags on the North sea shore and walked towards Aachen. His bags were heavy and he had to rest. While sitting on the side of the road he met an old farmers lady and asked her for directions. The lady was smart – in the Aachen dialect “lous” and recognized the devil for his Horseshoe foot. She explained to him that the shoes she was wearing and the bread in her basket were just bought new from the market in Aachen before she went away. The devil looked at the worn out shoes with big holes in them and the stale bread and got so mad at the apparently long way before him, that he left his big bags of sand right where he was sitting and left.

The sand formed a hill named after the smart farmers lady “Lousberg”.

Be smart, go to Lousberg and enjoy the view!