Remembering Aachen – Souvenirs

Remembering Aachen – Souvenirs

Souvenirs Aachen

If you have been to several places, traveling for pleasure or not, you know this pressure of remembering  through pictures or objects. Remembering for yourself and remembering for the ones that stayed at home.

At first you try to catch every moment with pictures, in times of digital photography either with your smart phone or with a small camera. Thanks to memory cards with high capacities you can take thousands of photos nowadays.

Not only pictures but also other things help us to remember the places we visited: the so called “Souvenirs”. Here are a few ideas of places that sell souvenirs from Aachen:

Bakerys, like Nobis near the Aachen Cathedral sell the famous sweets, Printen in various sizes and bags or beautiful boxes. Give your loved ones a taste of Aachen.

At the butchers shop “Fleischerei Gerrads” at Hartmannstraße 16, 52062 Aachen, close to Elisenbrunnen, you can buy some original mustard from Monschau, which is a historic town close to Aachen. In Monschau there is a mustard mill and they have some delicious recipes.

At the Mayersche Buchhandlung you will find a big variety of books about Aachen and its rich history. Of course they also have a lot of other souvenirs, like cups, cookie cutters of the Aachen cathedral or rubber duckies…

A wide catalogue of souvenirs, you will find for example at Aachen tourist information or online:

The jewelry shop Lauscher thought of something very special and designed a ring of Aachen.

Besides all of the specific Aachen souvenirs, I think it is also nice to bring something else back home with you, which tells a little story…that one cup that you drank your hot spiced wine from at Christmas Market, this umbrella you had to buy, because it is raining so often in Aachen, this T-Shirt you bought in the nice store that they do not have in your home country or the special vintage item that you found on a trip to a flea market…Get inspired and let us know:

What do you take home with you?