Altkleider – Reuse and recycle your old clothes!

Altkleider – Reuse and recycle your old clothes!

Spending some time in a new city, after some time you will shop for new shirts or pants. Either because you like or you need it, because maybe you did not bring the right clothes with you.

When you need to pack up your suitcase again to go back home, a lot of you have this question:

What do I do with clothes I do not need anymore, but are still in a fair condition? Can I give them to charity?

In Aachen there are several places to give your old clothes to:

Second Hand Shops:

They will be picky and take only the clothes that they think, they can resell, but it is worth to ask. Most of them will give you a part of the selling price.

FairKaufladen oder Sozialkaufhaus

charity organizations like Caritas, German Red Cross or WABe e.V. take old clothes, too. There are stores in and around Aachen:

for example: fairKaufladen(Caritas), Wirichsbongardstr. 39,52064 Aachen or Sozialkaufhaus of WABe e.V. (


Even the swedish clothing store H&M is big in recycling and takes back clothes – even ones that are not from H&M. In return you receive a voucher to buy new clothes at their store. That’s is a deal!

And last but not least, you can put your clothes into the big white or beige containers, which are standing on the street sides (see pictures). Unfortunately there is no list of them online but actually by walking through the city and its neighborhoods with eyes wide open, you cannot miss them.

Help, safe the planet: Recycle or reuse!